Apple AirPods 2 issue date, update, and rumors Apple AirPods 2 issue date, update, and rumors
Proclaimed together with the removal of the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, the Apple AirPods professed out and out war on leads, eliminating... Apple AirPods 2 issue date, update, and rumors

Proclaimed together with the removal of the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, the Apple AirPods professed out and out war on leads, eliminating it not only amid the earbuds and the phone but also amongst the earbuds themselves.

Apple didn’t discover this ‘true wireless’ form-factor, but, in distinctive Apple fashion, the company’s entry into the zone has encouraged a gust of attention from other headphone varieties.

Now the section has become progressively jam-packed, Apple will have to up its game if it wants to follow-up the AirPods. The wireless connectivity and audio class could have been compact, but we else had nearly bookings about dependence on Siri and general suitability.

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Note: There’s, however, no official declaration from Apple about the AirPods 2, but an informant near to the plan has told Bloomberg that there are essentially two dissimilar informs on the way, a voice-activated pair in 2018 and a waterproof pair in 2019.

To provide certain trustworthiness to these rumors, certain sites have discovered images of the latest AirPods charging case buried within the iOS 12 beta. The recent case marks an exterior LED as different to one situated inside the case, which we are certain will be the portion of the latest AirPower-capable wireless charging system.

Lastly, if you’re frightened that the next-gen AirPods case may only be well-matched with Apple AirPower charging pads, don’t be surprised as a new story from Apple Insider says that the charging case will certainly work with any Qi Charging Pad.

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Apple AirPods 2 rumors

Issue date

With no official announcement of the AirPods 2 from Apple, we justify basing our predictions on leaks and industry reports.

That said, the leaks that we’ve seen seem pretty reputable. A source close to the project reported to Bloomberg that there are two different versions of AirPods in the works, one pair coming out in 2018 and one pair coming out in 2019.

However, the latest report from industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities indicates we might see the AirPods 2 in mid- to late-2018 based on strong consumer demand for the first generation of the product in late 2017.

This is just the view of an industry expert, and so should be taken with a touch of salt, nevertheless, Ming-Chi Kuo has a history of accurately calculating Apple’s upcoming actions, so his modern AirPods 2 forecast might be valued paying awareness to after all.

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Improved wireless connectivity

The unidentified sources that spoke to Bloomberg appealed that both the 2018 and 2019 updates are going to have improved Bluetooth connectivity thanks to the inclusion of the W2 chip used in the Apple Watch 3.

This is a progress on the W1 chip that presently holds the AirPod wireless connectivity.



By the sounds of things, the 2018 version of the AirPods is about to progress baked-in voice beginning, signifying you’ll be able to access Apple’s voice assistant by just uttering “Hey Siri”.



Still functioning from the Bloomberg description, it sees like 2019 renew is going to have waterproofing, though it looks like it’s going to be squelch and rain resistant somewhat than correct waterproofing like the Apple Watch, so no taking them in the pool with you.

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Fitness tracking

Back in July Apple filed a patent for biometric sensors which would let the AirPods 2 to take on fitness chasing competences like those getting in the Jabra Elite Wireless. This trailed one more copyright filed in March.

Maybe more fascinatingly than heart rate sensing, the sensors would also let the AirPods 2 to measure stroke volume, which joined with heart rate would let it analyze your cardiac output.

Fundamentally this means the AirPods 2 would hypothetically be much better at founding how to fit you are general rather than just calculating your heart rate.

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Improved ambient sound handling

An additional patent from July recommended that Apple is functioning on some attractive nifty tech for how the earbuds hold external noise as well as dispelling pressure from inside the ear canal.

The patent plans a controller system that would allow sound to escape your ear canal to evade that strange deep effect that happens when you speak with earbuds in your ears.

The patent then goes on to define how the earbuds would handle ambient noise, using a microphone to filter in noise from the outside world so that you can remain conscious of your environs while still hearing your music.

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Wireless charging

Apple now supports wireless charging in some of its devices. Called AirPower, the new standard will sustenance the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Apple Watch 3 and the existing AirPods (via a new charging case).

Given that the normal supports the existing AirPods, we’d be surprised if the technology wasn’t comprised as normal with the AirPods 2, letting you to simply charge all your Apple gadgets from a single charging pad.

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What we require to look


Only a few years ago, companies were under pressure just to get right wireless earbuds running, but now the goalposts have already moved to fill more and more functionality into their shells.

The Sony WF-1000X manage to contain noise-cancellation technology inside their diminutive shells, and we’d love to see alike functionality make it to the second generation of AirPods.

Apple’s fancy ambient noise technology drew overhead proposes the company is thinking along these lines, but we’ve still got our fingers crossed.


Physical controls

Apple isn’t much of a fan of buttons, but there are some cases where they save you a lot of time and effort, and headphones are one of these examples.

Onboard controls have developed a nearly vital trait in headphones in recent years, letting us control music playback and volume without having to fight to get our phones out of our pockets.

Now the AirPods let you regulate music in a sense, but they trusted completely on Siri, Apple’s voice assistant.

On the one hand, Siri is much more influential than the usual button controls by letting you request certain songs, for instance.

But additionally, Siri derives with some reasonably big restrictions. It doesn’t work without a Wi-Fi connection, it can only play music from Apple Music (i.e. not Spotify), and perhaps very difficult of all is the detail that it forces you to speak out loud to control anything – barely perfect if you want to listen to music on the bus.

The original AirPods already had a touch-sensitive control for triggering Siri, so we’d like to see this extended to monitoring music directly.


Variable ear tips

Apple likes to depend solely on smooth white plastic, but we weren’t a fan of the absence of rubber tips on the unique AirPods.

Particularly when there’s no cable to catch them if they fall, we want any true wireless earbuds to feel nice and secure in the ears and counting a number of variable ear tips so we can choose those that flawlessly fit our ears would be the flawless way of attaining this.


Improved Android pairing

Agreed that Apple adores to safeguard all its products and are also intended to work as a family, this has a slight possibility of happening, but we’d love to see the AirPods play somewhat better with Android phones.

On iPhones, pairing is a vision. You simply hold the AirPods near your phone and they connect more or less automatically.

Yet, with Android, the procedure is a lot more complex and connecting hopping into locations menus to select the AirPods manually. We’d love to see Apple streamline this procedure for the AirPods 2.


Dissimilar designs and colors

We get it, Apple enjoys white things. But in an age where iPhones and iPads are obtainable in a variety of diverse colors, we’d love to see this same courtesy extended to the AirPods.

We just desire our headphones to match our phone and our Apple Watch; is that so much to ask?

Though Apple has investigated with dissimilar colors for its numerous tools, its earbuds have always remained the similar iconic white making it fairly unlikely that we’ll get to see the AirPods in an additional color.


Improved battery life

This one’s pretty transparent, but given the AirPods’ small size it’s not completely unforeseen that the battery life was just five hours.

This is pretty decent likened to a lot of the additional right wireless headphones out there, but we’d like to see Apple thrust themselves to go better and try and compete for the battery life of over-ear wireless headphones.

It’s a condescending aim, but if anybody can do it, it would be Apple.

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